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Finding the perfect fit | Your guide to shopping online


Finding the Perfect Fit
By Michaela Longstaff, Mikko Shoes founder

We are all for shopping online here at Mikko, and we’re noticing that you are too!

With the growing popularity of our online store, we thought we would put together our top tips to help you select the correct size when it comes to footwear. Because while we are passionate about convenience, we’re also just as dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the absolute perfect fit.


There really is nothing like finding a sublimely comfortable shoe that you don’t want to take off!

And finding the perfect fit involves a few key considerations.

Every shoe is designed for different occasions, with different shapes, heel heights and materials, which each play a part in sizing.

In addition to this – not one person is built in exactly the same way – we are all beautiful in our uniqueness, all the way down to our feet! 

Shoe size can change considerably throughout your life – whether it be age, pregnancy, fluid retention, weight change, ailments such as arthritis and so on.

It is important to know that while sizing standard is universal, shoe shape and width can play a large part in the overall fit fitting.

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself these questions to ensure the optimum fit when your chosen style arrives in the mail:

Does your foot shape fit the shoe shape you’re looking at?

Are your toes wider shaped, or longer shaped? If the former, you might suit a more rounded or almond toe. Or if you’ve fallen in love with a pointed toe style, consider this with your foot shape and size up to accommodate for the additional width you might need.

If you need orthotics, ensure you’ve picked a style that states that it is orthotic friendly – ours are clearly indicated in the product bios, and we have plenty!

Have you checked the measurement of your foot?

Measure your foot from the end of your longest toe to your heel, as recommended in our tips at the end of this article. Then check out our size guide to cross reference your size. Ensure to measure both of your feet, as it’s common for one foot to be slightly longer than the other. When you know – pick the larger size to ensure a comfortable fit.

And remember point one – even if your measurements tell you which size to purchase, if you have a wider set foot, consider going up a size to accommodate for the added room.

Need more help? Check out the diagram at the bottom of this article for extra guidance.

What season are you buying for?

Consider what kind of temperature you naturally run at. If you always feel cold, you might want to size up in your favourite pair of boots to accommodate a thicker sock as an additional cosy layer.

If you run hot, or you’re buying for summer, soft leather linings and perforated leather styles will ease quickly in the heat, so you therefore may wish a snugger fit for stability.

Still unsure? Ask the experts at Mikko.

At Mikko we take so much care and time when curating our ranges to make sure the fit of each shoe meets our promise of delivering comfort. It’s something we are hugely passionate about and is, in fact, why we started Mikko in the first place!

We consider all foot shapes when putting together the range to make sure that there is something for everyone for a variety of occasions.


The European brands we choose invest significantly in technologies to improve the fit and comfort of every shoe. Some of these technologies include adaptable textiles, padded and contoured footbeds and breathable materials.

Our team are expertly trained in fitting and common podiatry issues, should you need a personal fitting option. If you’re not local to a Mikko store, we’d love to hear from you over the phone and are always happy to talk through your style and fit requirements to support your online purchase.

Finally, don’t forget – we have a purposefully generous online returns policy that enables you to exchange sizes, styles or if required, obtain a refund, so if you’re not 100% sure – you can rest assured your online purchase will be practically risk-free!

With love,
Michaela and team

How to correctly measure your foot for a perfect fit - a helpful guide:

Step one:

Take a piece of A4 paper, a pen and a ruler and place your foot on the piece of paper. Holding the pen vertically, draw around your foot.


Step two:

Remove your foot and mark the place where your heel ends and where your longest toe ends.

Step three:

Measure the distance between the two marks from heel to longest toe in centimetres.


Step four:

Repeat steps one to three with your other foot.

Step five:

Find your size on our size chart below referencing the right hand column (JAPANESE/ CM) using the measurement of your longest foot.

Step six:

Select your favourite must-have style and enjoy!



About Mikko:

In 2013 we launched Mikko Shoes to offer an extensive range of European hand selected and handcrafted quality shoes for women that want comfort and style in their footwear. More than just a stockist of stylish shoes that will go the distance, our team at Mikko are professionally trained in fitting and styling, ready to help you find your perfect pair. We have footwear that is orthotic and wide feet friendly.

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