Our Story
"Comfort should not be sacrificed for style.”

In 2013 I launched Mikko Shoes to offer an extensive range of European hand selected, quality shoes for women that want comfort and style in their footwear.
Part of my role is to handpick the collections of shoes you find in stores. For me, Europe is the origin of shoe-making with a rich history of quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Authenticity, quality, honesty, inclusivity and teamwork underpin everything Mikko stands for as a company and the brands we choose are family-owned businesses that embrace these principles too. While each brand has its own story, every pair of shoes that we sell has four things in common: comfort, quality, style and value. We never compromise on these factors and that’s my promise.

Our team have in-depth knowledge on every shoe, and how to fit shoes properly, ensuring you walk out with your perfect pair. You’ll find our in store stylists approachable, friendly and welcoming – it’s all part of the Mikko service.

Please contact us on 09 283 3621 or enquiries@mikkoshoes.nz