Every shoe we stock at Mikko Shoes is special in its own way. All of our shoes are leather, unless they are made of textile or another material better suited to the purpose of the shoe. Leather is a natural product and like skin, has a unique character. It has natural pores, scars and is finer in some areas and rougher in others – just as nature intended. Each pair of shoes has been hand-crafted by artisans with years of experience, who integrate modern technology with traditional techniques. One pair of shoes travels for weeks from the hand of its maker to our hands in New Zealand; going through many processes to become what you see in store. The majority of our shoes are made in Europe. A lot of love and care goes in to every pair of shoes and we recommend that you also love and take care of your shoes, to ensure they stay at their best for years to come. Different types of leather need different care. Please see our suggestions below, or contact one of our team on (09) 283 3621, or We can assist you in using the best products and care techniques to help you get the best results.

For care specific to Arche footwear, please click here for in-depth recommendations.

Smooth leather care
Smooth leather needs ongoing moisture to keep the hide supple and nourished, just as our skin does. Without proper care, smooth leather can become brittle which can result in scratches, marks and scuffing that may be difficult to repair. We suggest Shoe Cream for a brilliant shine, Leather Balm for gentle care or Gel Cream for delicate or metallic finish leathers. Remove heavier stains and freshen up the colour of smooth leather shoes and textiles with our Ultimate Cleanser.

Shoe Cream is for cleaning, care and conditioning leather. It will remove stubborn stains without harming the leather. Shoe Cream contains wax which provides a wonderful shine. This solvent free product will bring back shine to all smooth leathers while rejuvenating the colour.

Leather Balm is a cleansing conditioning milk for all smooth leathers. Particularly gentle, Leather Balm intensively conditions and moisturises leather. Leather Balm can be applied to all smooth leather products including handbags.

Gel Cream is for cleaning and care of all leathers, particularly delicate or metallic leathers. It gently nourishes and rejuvenates and does not change the natural character of leather.

Suede and Nubuck leather care
Suede and Nubuck require different care than smooth leathers due to the plush velvet-like finish. These leather finishes are more prone to watermarks and stains than smooth leathers so we recommend that they are protected before wearing.

We recommend that Total Protector (waterproofing spray) is applied prior to wearing new shoes to protect effectively against water, oil and dirt. The waterproofing should be maintained by re-applying Total Protector every two to three months or as needed.

To maintain the appearance and depth of colour of suede or nubuck, we suggest using Suede Renovator aerosol which is pigment based spray.

A Suede/Nubuck Brush will bring the nap, or plushness, back to its original appearance and help to lift light marks from the leather.

A Cleaning Block will also erase light stains from suede or nubuck. If you have a heavier stain or would like to refresh the colour of your shoes, we recommend using Ultimate Cleanser. Pony leather should be treated the same as suede leather to protect the ‘hair-on’ aspect of the hide.

Patent leather care
Regular application of the Patent Care lotion will clean, polish and rejuvenate patent leathers.

Patent Care cream prevents patent leather from becoming brittle and polishes to a high shine.