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How to care for your summer feet


We love summer for its hot weather, but unfortunately parched feet comes with the territory.  If you’re eyeing up your feet and already wondering what shape they’re going to be in come summer-end, you’ll want to read on.

We have collated our top tips on how to look after your feet this season so they look and feel their best.


Tip One:
Moisturise daily. Keeping your feet hydrated and supple will pay back in dividends after months of exposure to the sun and heat. Make it part of your daily routine after you hop out of the shower or before bed.  Give the moisturiser a few minutes to absorb, then lightly wipe the soles of your feet to avoid leaving footprints around your house.

Tip Two:
Smooth those soles. Keep a foot file in the shower to ensure your soles stay smooth throughout the season. Not only is it a great way to fill the time while you wait for your hair conditioner to absorb, it will help to take care of any build-up of hard skin which can lead to painful cracks.

Tip Three:
Support your feet. We firmly believe that good foot health starts with wearing shoes with arch support, even if you’re not walking far. The Anjo by Ara are a polished alternative to the humble flip-flop, with cushioned footbed for extra comfort. With superior quality leather, they are the perfect blend of form and function.


Tip Four:
Breathe…  Breathable shoes are the key to hot weather comfort. Wearing shoes that allow air to circulate inside the shoe, helps keep feet at their normal temperature. Of course, we have options across the board to ensure your feet don’t feel stifled when the temperatures rises – even sneakers! The mesh leather sneaker Skycrest by Hispanitas is the perfect breathable option with mesh panels. Or try perforated leather shoes like our Arche’s Cyprian in soft, supple leather are a fabulous example of breathable style.

Tip five: Top it off! Treat yourself to a foot massage and pedicure to perk up your feet – they deserve it! Not only will your soles thank you for it, you’ll enjoy wearing those beautiful new peep toe sandals.

We may be biased, but we truly believe that foot comfort starts with choosing quality shoes that support and love your feet. We launched Mikko Shoes to offer an extensive range of European hand selected and handcrafted quality shoes for women that want comfort and style in their footwear. Our in store Mikko team are professionally trained in fitting and styling, ready to help you find your perfect pair.

Make your feet a priority this summer– after all, they never get a day off! Get inspired and view our current summer collection in store and online, here.

Enjoy your summer!
Michaela and the team at Mikko


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In 2013 we launched Mikko Shoes to offer an extensive range of European hand selected and handcrafted quality shoes for New Zealand women that want style and comfort in their footwear. More than just a stockist of stylish shoes that will go the distance, our team at Mikko are professionally trained in fitting and styling, ready to help you find your perfect pair. We have footwear that is orthotic and wide feet friendly. Mikko is a New Zealand, family-owned business.

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