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Professional tips for keeping your home clutter free

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It’s a well-accepted fact that living in a tidy, clutter free home has wide reaching benefits, from reducing stress, improving focus, productivity and even our sleep. At Mikko, our team wholeheartedly believes in this philosophy - although the reality of life can sometimes get in the way of achieving this at home!

For professional advice, we spoke to Angela McLachlan from Sort My House, who has shared her top tips for keeping your home clutter free - with a special focus on shoes.

Here are some simple top tips to keep your home clutter-free:

  1. Find a place for everything: The number one top tip - assign a specific place for all belongings, for example, shoes live in the wardrobe or a rack in the garage (not on the floor!). This will help you easily locate them when you need them and prevent them from getting lost or scattered throughout your home. Share the responsibility with your family or others in your house - make sure everyone knows where the ‘right’ place is for every item.

  2. Keep surfaces clear: Avoid using flat surfaces such as tables and counters as storage space and designate specific areas for your belongings. Be especially vigilant about floor space –shoes should be stored to keep them dust free and reduce clutter.

  3. Regular decluttering: Take some time every few months to go through your belongings and move on anything you no longer use – donating to charity will give that item a second life. Rotating your quality items is also a great way to declutter – moving them from daily access into storage boxes for a break.
  4. Use storage solutions: Invest in storage solutions such as the Sort My House stackable, sturdy, drop down lid shoe boxes to help organise your belongings. The best shoe boxes are clear so you can easily see your shoes, and they keep the dust off.

  5. Make tidying part of your daily routine: Develop a weekly routine that includes tidying up and putting things away on a regular basis. We like Sunday’s so we start the week well prepared. This will help keep your home clutter-free and make it easier to maintain over time.

We love these simple tips from Sort My House, and inevitably the reward will be worth it - a calm and peaceful living environment.

Your Mikko Shoes are an investment, and they will look new even longer by storing them well. Don’t forget to give them a clean and polish before you pop them away, ready to rediscover next season.  

Happy organising!

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Find out more about Sort My House here.


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