Our Winter 2016 collections have begun to arrive and we are delighted to once again bring you the latest in European trends from the Northern Hemisphere.

We have a huge range of styles including masculine-style brogues in soft navy suede, laid-back leather kicks, moody metallic heels in bronze, silver and copper, rich burgundy boots in striking patent leather and the latest reptile print lace-ups.

Hot off the catwalk, we’ve created a run-down on all the must-have trends for Winter 2016.


In a complicated world there is something reassuring about clean and simple black and white. This season black and white prints are arranged in grid patterns, check, spots, flattering chevron and all types of stripes. Black and white is also taken back to basics in chic and understated block colours. The look is modern, cool and assertive.Black and White



Grey is the new black this season. From deep anthracite through to stormy mid grey tones, there’s a shade to suit every occasion. Wear grey on grey, or team it up with pops of red or black. Grey is crisp but soft, rich but understated. However you decide to wear it, this minimal look will be classy and chic. Grey Matter



Masculine styling proves good tailoring never goes out of fashion. This season we are shamelessly are borrowing from the men’s closets. Be it feminine interpretations of the pantsuit or a blouse paired with culottes, menswear inspired styles are unapologetically cool and oh-so-femme. In footwear, brogues, loafers, laces ups and tractor soles make the look. It’s all about comfort and fit. Play the androgynous hand and these wearable pieces will be workhorses for many seasons to come.MANS WORLD



Winter’s answer to the summer metallic trend is heavy metal hues in onyx, graphite and dark silver. The real emphasis is on shine. This futuristic finish adds elegance and a touch of glam to any outfit. In footwear, heavy metals work for wearable flats through to sophisticated heels. A great way to make a statement in the new season.HEAVY METALS



Taupe is timeless and infinitely wearable. Warm and enveloping, earthy tones add a touch of softness this winter. Drawing from natural hues, this season’s neutral palette has undertones of camel and toffee. There is something rather pure about head-to-toe taupe, or team it with black or darker brown tones for an equally sophisticated look. In shoes, find taupe in casual masculine boots through to wearable feminine heels.OVER THE TAUPE



Colour inspiration this winter is richly Neo-Victorian influenced. A bite of romance is in the air, inspired by the world of interiors with deep and moody colours and suede velour textures. Midnight florals, high collars, cinched waists and midi hems allude to melancholy elegance. Burgundy, olive green and navy complement each other this season and create depth and richness. The revival of Belle Epoque brings a touch of old world sophistication to the season.MIDNIGHT GARDEN



Reptile prints have long been a feature in footwear to create depth and interest. This season is no different with winter influences including classic black and white print through to captivating neutrals of taupe and grey. Exotic prints including snake and croc add luxury to black leather boots and shoes. Don’t be without a touch of reptile this season.SWEET VENOM



Tassels are in! Add flounce to your step with tassels or fringe this winter. An ode to the 70’s, this season tassels maintain modern chic. While tassels are bringing back memories of decades gone by, they are not only appearing on shoes and handbags but also on shirts, earrings and necklaces.TASSEL TIME



Sneakers, sporty shoes and boots have proven an enduring trend. We are in love with this look that is changing fashion ideals. Sneakers can be worn with dresses, pants and even glammed up for a comfy night out. This season sneakers have really upped their game with prints, patent and fur effect all making a statement. Sneakers and their cool comfort are here to stay.KICK START



Fur and the cosy concept are literally hot off the runway. While we haven’t seen a lot of fur filter through to shoes this season, we love to embrace all that the concept entails. We are gearing up for a snuggly winter with fur and wool lined boots and comfy slippers for around the house.COSY DOES IT