We thought it would be fun to ask Michaela, the founder and owner of Mikko Shoes, to capture a typical week – with her favourite shoes of course! Responsible for a gorgeous team of Mikko ladies, five stores, and also a mum of two, you can guess that her week is busy! Have a read of this behind-the-scenes glimpse into life at Mikko.

How do you like to start your week?

One of the things I love the most about my role at work, is that there is no ‘normal’ week for me. At Mikko, we are a small, close knit team and I am involved

in all parts of the business which means a lot of variety, each and every day of the week. That being said, first on the agenda every Monday morning is a touch base with my team, see how the stores did over the weekend and we make some plans for the week ahead.

I love to dress up on a Monday! Nothing says ‘bring it on’ like a crisp white shirt, a pleated skirt and a tailored ankle boot. I can’t go past my new gorgeous tan traditionally crafted Zadessa boot from Spanish brand Zinda. I know I’ll be obsessed with this one for many seasons to come.

What does the middle of the week have in store for you?

Fashion is seasonal and our business rhythms reflect this – we are always working on several seasons at once, whether it be planning, buying or selling. It is a lot to keep track of but after eight years of doing this, our team are pros at switching hats and multi-tasking!

Mid-week, I delve into the detail as I’ll be reviewing the features of the upcoming seasonal styles like fit, shape, colour, leather and trends. This means I’m at my desk and I’ll go for a chic and dressier look, so I might go for a more trend-driven style from the beautiful Italian brand, Evaluna. They’re ultra-cool and comfortable, and I know when I’m wearing them I’ll be prepared for whatever the day throws at me – which may be a spontaneous kindy pick-up in the rain!

With two young children, my working hours are a little less conventional. I start late and finish early to spend time with my kids, and then I log on again at home in the evening. It’s an ideal situation because the house is quiet, and Europe is online, so it’s a super productive time for me. While I can’t currently travel directly to our European suppliers like I used to, I’m grateful that we can still connect with them via video call. It’s not as glamorous, of course! But I still find huge pleasure in being able to bring beautiful artisanal products to the New Zealand market, even in these interesting times.

Come the end of the week, do you get some time to escape from the office?

If I’m not so busy in the office, I’ll jump at the opportunity to visit one of our stores to connect with our lovely team. For me, travel wear always calls for a stylish and comfortable pair of Arche boots– my go-to brand for a day of plane rides, driving and walking. I always get compliments from my Arche boots!

Fridays are more relaxed and might see me wearing one of our new season sneakers. I’m still buzzing about our newest casual street range, Italian brand DL Sport, which effortlessly lifts any casual outfit up a notch. I’m obsessed with the side zip which makes on-and-off with a child in hand a breeze!

My adoration for well-constructed, beautifully made pieces is what made me fall in love with the details of each of the special brands we stock at Mikko. It’s what gives me the inspiration and energy on a weekly basis to hand-pick and showcase our chosen styles, for you to enjoy as much as we do!


With love,


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