Is there anything more rewarding that buying a brand-new pair of shoes that are a dream to wear?  It’s something to aspire to for all new shoe purchases.  The good news is that with our inside knowledge, it’s entirely possible to have foot comfort from the first wear.

The fact is that poorly fitting shoes can lead to a range of future foot problems.  Life is better without foot pain.  Here are our top tips about how to try on shoes for the perfect fit.

1. Size is just a number

Often sizes vary between different shoe brands. In addition, your shoe size may vary from season to season. In summer, shoes are more open and fit closer to the foot, and in winter, shoes are more enclosed and you may wear socks inside. We recommend having your shoes professionally fitted to establish your size. Our team will check with you that the shoe fits from heel to in-step and will fit to your biggest foot (many of us have one slightly longer or wider foot). The shoe should envelope the foot without being too tight or loose. Leather will ease within a few wears, but areas of tightness should not be ignored.

2. Replicate your real life, in-store

It is best to try on footwear in the way that you would normally wear your footwear. A hosiery sock is available in-store, but you may like to bring with you the usual thickness of stockings or socks to make sure your new shoes fit well. Try the shoes on both feet and stand and walk in the shoes when trying on. Take your time – putting pressure on all areas of your foot while you move around the store is the best way to tell whether there are any points of tension or discomfort.

3. Width matters

Width is such an important consideration for finding the perfect fit. Toes need to move naturally in the front of the shoe, so finding a shoe that enables comfortable and spacious movement is important. If you require extra width, look for a ‘wide feet friendly’ shoe (we have a handy Wide Feet category on our website to help). Adjustable sandal straps are also ideal when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your unique foot.

4. Choose quality, breathable materials

Make sure the shoes you are purchasing are made from breathable quality materials like leather or breathable textile. Leather lining in summer is very cooling and breathable textile lining in winter can be warming and cosy. Choose premium materials that will prioritise your foot health.

5. Check for new technology

Many brands are investing in cutting edge technology that provides superior built-in comfort. This includes extremely padded footbeds, injection moulded soles, memory gel insoles, super flexible soles, ‘rocker’ style wedges and more. It’s worth understanding the benefits and seeing what is on offer – talk to our team about which features will best suit your needs.

6. Talk to the experts

At Mikko we deal with fitting every day and we are immensely passionate about comfort. We carry many European brands that are hand-picked to fit each unique foot shape.  This ensures we have the variety to not only match you with your dream style, but the ideal fit. Our team are trained in common podiatry issues and are able to provide personalised fittings options, such as Orthotic Friendly styles.

7. Wear your shoes in gently

All shoes need a little bit of wearing in. Leather is a material that develops character and eases to your unique foot shape over time. Don’t wear your shoes all day on the first day, wear them for a couple of hours to let the leather  start to stretch, and after a couple of wears you’ll be able to wear them all day without issues.

See you soon!

Michaela and team

About Mikko:

In 2013 we launched Mikko Shoes to offer an extensive range of European hand selected and handcrafted quality shoes for women that want comfort and style in their footwear. More than just a stockist of stylish women’s shoes that will go the distance, our team at Mikko are professionally trained in fitting and styling, ready to help you find your perfect pair.

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