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3 easy tips for summer shoe care


Don’t you think that life is easier and more carefree in summer? Even deciding what to wear is easy – throw on a dress, pair with pretty sandals and you’re good to go.

It’s a chance to be more relaxed with everything – less formal, less make up, less effort…  But do you know what does need some consideration?  Your summer shoes!

Summer shoes tend to be lighter in colour (pastels, neutrals, metallics) and so the leather can be more affected by day-to-day wear than the more forgiving, dark winter colours. Plus, sandals are inclined to have more delicate details or embellishment.

But good news, caring for your summer shoes takes mere minutes. Here are our THREE top tips for making your shoes look great for years to come.

1. Nourish

If there is one shoe care product you need in your home for summer footwear, make it Wrens Delicate Gel.  It cleans and nourishes all kinds of leather – smooth, suede, patent, reptile, metallic – and because it’s a clear gel, it enhances all footwear no matter the colour or finish.  It will nourish the leather while maintaining the original character, and will give a natural shine after buffing on with a microfibre or polishing cloth.  If you’re nervous about using a coloured polish on a light shoe, use Delicate Gel.  Best of all, it’s only $8. We cannot recommend it enough!

2. Protect

When you’re caught in a surprise rain shower, it really does make a difference if your shoes have been waterproofed.  Before your first wear of the season, give a generous spray all over, including any delicate adornments, with Wrens Total Protector.  Leather colour is retained, and it reduces the chance of your shoes being blemished by rain spots and watermarks. Just one minute to apply, every two to three months, and you’ll have a whole season of protection.

3. Whiten

Buy white sole shoes with confidence! We can’t get enough of white sole shoes but don’t love the little pesky marks that come with wear. A white sole cleaner truly does make all the difference for keeping your shoes looking like new.  Our recommended go-to is Tarrago CleanerThe added bonus is that it will gently clean up the leather too! Plus, isn’t there just huge satisfaction in taking a grubby shoe and restoring it back to glorious white?!

With these three care steps, you’ll be giving your gorgeous Mikko shoes the love and respect they deserve and they’ll be looking great by season end.

Of course, it goes without saying that when you buy Mikko Shoes, you’re buying quality shoes that will last the distance.  Every European brand we offer is chosen not only for their beautiful style and comfort (our non-negotiable), but also their authentic craftmanship and durable construction.

New to Mikko?  Have a browse of our catalogue to see the brands we offer and their story.

Our final tip? Treat your feet to a pampering pedi!

From our family to yours, enjoy summer!

Michaela and team


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