When I started Mikko Shoes seven years ago, I wanted to offer NZ women divine European style that would be treasured for many seasons – never has this felt more relevant. Not only does each and every hand-picked style have to look fabulous, each has to deliver on ultimate foot comfort – my non-negotiable. When buying our new season collections, I work closely with our European brands to inspect and consider every shoe sample to make sure that each style truly delivers on our promise of lasting quality and optimal foot comfort. 

Why do I care so much about quality? Because every day in our stores, we see the result of what happens when foot health is not prioritised. It’s a privilege for us to help a customer find a style that not only looks fabulous, but is a dream to wear. 

For me, there are three reasons to invest in quality shoes:


Cutting-edge technology combined with traditional craftsmanship gives a superior result. With each new season collection, you’ll see that Mikko offers timeless styles that are designed to last – and our selections are always influenced by the latest style trends. We buy our range consciously, with the intention that you’ll return to your favourites season after season. You can feel good that buying less shoes of higher quality, is better for the environment and your wallet overall.


Quality shoes are made of superior materials and designed to provide the best in comfort. This is because a high-quality cut of leather is chosen that is supple and soft, cushioning is breathable and provides optimal foot support, materials are chosen for their durability. When buying quality shoes, it is less likely for one to experience foot pain often associated with conditions like bunions or ligament pain. Wide feet and wearing orthotics are also catered for. 


When you invest in quality, you can have peace of mind that you’re not buying shoes from a faceless factory. Every European shoe brand we stock is a family-owned business. To us, they are an important part of OUR Mikko family and ethically, they mirror our personal values of respect for people, authenticity and honesty. They are all passionate artisans who have been producing shoes for many years – often, for many generations. 

And here’s a bonus 4th reason – when you buy quality shoes from Mikko you’re supporting a NZ owned, family business and helping our local communities to grow. We invest in our team – they are all trained to professionally fit shoes and would be delighted to see you instore to help find your perfect pair. 

Time after time, Mikko customers tell us that when they started loving their feet and buying beautiful shoes that also felt amazing to wear, they have never looked back. At Mikko, we truly believe you can have it all. 

See you instore soon!


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