We know as much as anyone that suede can be perceived as a high maintenance purchase in comparison to a smooth leather finish, especially throughout the rainy winter months. In fact, it’s one of the biggest concerns of our customers when they have otherwise fallen in love with the look of a suede shoe.

However, there are many things to love about this sumptuous material!

Suede gives the deepest and most true colour intensity. From rich burgundy, emerald green, navy to classic deep black.  Winter’s finest tones are richer, bolder and more beautiful in suede. Jockey by Gabor and Brooklyn by Brenda Zaro are examples of beautiful suede in this season’s colours.

Suede has a luxurious and velvety finish which brings opulence and elegance to your winter outfits, whether dressy or casual.

It is incredibly versatile. With its tactile texture, our European craftsmen and women can apply studs, diamantes, pearls and even glitter to suede in a fashion that will remain secure for seasons to come.  See Zakia by Zinda as an example of the detailing that can be added to suede leather.

But what about the rain?

At Mikko we can disprove that it can’t be a rainy day leather and we want to ensure that our customers are as confident with suede as we are.

We trust inherently in waterproofing spray. It truly does work! And whilst we endorse our Wrens care range whole-heartedly, any leather waterproofing spray you have purchased from a reputable brand will do the trick. We recommend spraying all leather products, shoes, handbags, jackets – the lot. We promise you won’t regret it.

The key is in consistency.  Simply apply three times prior to wear; spray, dry, spray, dry, spray, dry. It may sound a little tedious, but it’s really quite easy, and so worth it for the amazing result. Following the initial spray; repeat once a month if you wear the item weekly, or every two to three months if you wear it less frequently. Easy!

Like any type of leather, suede is a natural product and will wear, soften and develop personality and integrity as time goes on. Suede, like any leather may develop small ‘character marks’ that simply tell a story of the journey the shoe has taken as part of your well lived life, and when cared for, will only look more beautiful with age.

We absolutely adore suede and hope that you are motivated to find a few moments to care for your suede shoes and boots, as they care for you.

For more inspiration, check out our AW18 catalogue for the latest styles in Winter footwear and a number of suede styles we think you’ll love.

In 2013 we launched Mikko Shoes to offer an extensive range of European hand selected and handcrafted quality shoes for women that want comfort and style in their footwear. More than just a stockist of stylish shoes that will go the distance, our team at Mikko are professionally trained in fitting and styling, ready to help you find your perfect pair.

Happy shopping!

The Mikko team

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