Behind Our Brands: Think Shoes

Mikko Shoes only stocks the best quality European footwear, and when owner Michaela Longstaff came across Think Shoes, she knew she’d found a brand her customers would love.

Think! prides itself on creating shoes that are ‘healthy’ – for the environment. They consider environmental protection as a pure conviction and solid part of their company philosophy, not a marketing tool.

“Think’s philosophy is that ‘healthy’ shoes don’t have to be ugly,” says Michaela. “That really spoke to me, as one of Mikko’s core philosophies is that comfort does not have to be sacrificed for style.”

Think! produces each of its shoes by hand by creating a ‘last’ or wooden model of the foot.

For more than 20 years, Think! has been producing unique shoes with careful consideration of regenerative natural resources. Think! makes every shoe by hand in their factories in Europe.

See more about Think! Shoes’ construction process:

The birth of a shoe by Think! Shoes from Locomotive on Vimeo.